LIVE Aboard the JR: Week 2

This was an exciting week of teaching aboard the JR, as we invited K-12 schools, colleges and TV stations aboard via Skype.  Participants from around the globe are able to Skype between the JR and shore to get an up close and personal virtual voyage. These webcasts are an opportunity to teach about what the JOIDES Resolution does in general as well as share about the particular science being explored during Expedition 340. In many instances, the science concepts being actualized aboard the JR are the same concepts teachers are facilitating in the abstract to their students in the classroom.

It is our hope that the experience will be a lasting positive learning opportunity for all participants and emphasize the valuable contribution ocean drilling research provides to benefit people globally. These amazing opportunities are made possible thanks to the the Deep Earth Academy who provide the live video broadcasts with educators and scientists on board the ship during every expedition.

Exp 340 Day 6 @ Sea, today was our very first JOIDES Resolution LIVE videobroadcast from Ship to Shore. Teachers from the New England area gathered at the New England Aquarium to virtually board the JR. Teachers were part of a Deep Earth Academy professional development day. I hope many teachers who participated will consider sailing with the JR as an educator at sea. It is an extraordinary experience and is sure to make memories you will treasure for a lifetime.

Exp 340 Day 8 @ Sea, today was our second Ship to Shore broadcast live aboard the JR. Several classes from Croatan High School in Newport, North Carolina joined us aboard the JR this afternoon. Thanks to Mrs. Sutton for organizing things from land. It was great to meet your students, share the JR and the Expedition 340 science with the Cougars of Croatan High. We extend a special thank you, to Michael Manga, a geology professor at UC Berkley, who joined us during our tour of the vessel and afterwards answered questions from shore.

Exp 340 Day 9 @ Sea: Tuesday afternoon we had our third LIVE aboard the JR videoconference. Students from several schools gathered at the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History in Bryan, Texas to  join us aboard the JR this afternoon. Special thanks to staff scientist Nicole Stroncik. Thanks to Mrs. Maria and Mrs. Deborah for organizing things from land. It was great to meet the students, share the JR and the Expedition 340 science with you. We extend a special thank you to Nicole Stroncik, the IODP staff scientist overseeing Expedition 340 for her time and talents. Nicole fielded dozens of questions from the inquiring students in Texas.

Exp 340 Day 12 @ Sea: Early Friday morning 5:30 EST, we had a one-hour JOIDES LIVE Aboard the JR videoconference with a German TV station. The broadcast was led by 340 Ocean Detective- Physical Properties Specialist, Christoph Breitkreuz from the Institut fur Geologie und Palaontologie Technische Universitat Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany. The audience included undergraduate students from Christoph's geology class who partipated in a question and answer session during the broadcast. This is the first time students had a class from the JR. Students also had the opportunity to meet Core Specialist, Sandra Herrmann, a graduate of the same university in Germany. How cool is that? The TV program is scheduled to air on Sunday. Congratulations to Christoph and Sandra for a job well done by extending the science of Expedition 340 beyond the JR to include college students in Germany.

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