Man Overboard Drill

Safety is always first aboard the JOIDES Resolution and one way that the crew ensures everyone is safe is by preforming drills. We have fire drills, abandon ship drills, and yesterday we had a man overboard drill. 

This gives the crew the opportunity to practice and fine tune their response if someone were to go overboard.  It all starts with Oscar, the dummy. Oscar was not being safe and somehow wound up making his way over the edge and into the water. 


It is our job (or anyone who witnesses a person overboard) to point at the person and call for help. At least one person must continue pointing so that we do not lose the person in the water. 


The rescue boat is then deployed. 



Those in the rescue boat make their way over to Oscar.


A Jason’s Cradle is used to basically scoop him up out of the water and bring him into the rescue boat. 



The boat makes its way back to the JR and everyone, including Oscar, comes back onboard. 


Dr. Gene then administers medical attention. 


I think Oscar is going to be ok!


Photos courtesy of Bill Crawford, IODP Imaging Specialist

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