Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Kids!  Christmas on the ship has been very exciting.  As you can see – my friends help me get in to the spirit to be a junior Santa with my own beard and hat!

On the ship, we keep working every day.  Even when the day is a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving.  But during the work we also had some great fun.

Santa came to visit the ship and brought stockings for everyone.  He also brought Stacie a brand new JOIDES jacket because hers got lost and she was sad.  We had a choir sing Christmas songs and we had a super meal with LOTS of cakes!  Yes, there was other food besides cake, but cake is MY favorite!  Some of the people on the ship sang songs and Julie read a poem.  It was great fun and everyone enjoyed having a little break before they went back to work.

And here is some exciting news! Martin, the scientist who brought me to the ship, has told me that I’m going to get to go visit the United States.  I’m going home with our teacher to visit Texas and learn what it’s like there.  I’m very excited – I’ve never been to the US.

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