My Friend – Laurent Toffin

Viva la France! Comment allez-vous? Not bad for an English speaking microbe, huh? On board Expedition 329 is an international crew of scientists, including microbiologist Laurent Toffin from France. Laurent lives along the coast in the northwest of France with his wife and young son. He earned a PhD in microbiology from University Brest. When not on the JR, he works as a researcher for Cemagref, which is associated with the University Brest.

On this expedition, Laurent is interested in the microbes that live in the seafloor sediments. When he returns to his lab in France, he will attempt to get the microbes that he is collecting to reproduce so that he can study them. He knows that this may be a long project.

In his spare time, Laurent likes bicycling, mountain hiking, and playing the guitar.

Passez une bonne journee!

(Have a good day!)

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