Ode to Hole 395A

Goodbye, 395A. You’ve been a great hole. Ever since you were originally cored in 1975, you’ve been a source of new and wonderful scientific information. The rocks and sediment you gave up will remain in the great libraries of core for all time. The information you’ve shown us has given rise to new knowledge so that other scientists can continue to study and understand the seafloor. You graciously let us stuff a CORK in you in 1984, and sat there patiently while it measured this and that, invading your privacy for over a decade. Then, you finally got a breath of fresh seawater for a day or two before we stuck another CORK in you. But alas, this will be the last time we see you, since our CORK broke off and there’s no way to get our instruments out again. We may get close to you again, but we will never be able to sample your wondrous depths. It’s almost as sad as when Wilson the volleyball floated away in “Castaway.” Or maybe sadder, because you’re much older than Wilson was. You have a long and glorious history, and we’re all going to miss you. You really were the best hole ever.

CORK head from 395A

The waters are brightenening. Scientists won’t let you go. They will think of a way to get back their instruments, which are still measuring and sampling in your depths. Think, scientists, think! Hole 395A will be open again someday!

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