Safety Onboard the JR

There are certain safety practices that go along with being on a drilling vessel like the JOIDES Resolution, and communication of these practices to all who are on board is essential for a safe, incident-free voyage. Emergencies can happen and when they do, everyone needs to get help as fast as they can. The crew of the JR, like that of many large ships, is made up of people from many different countries, who speak many different languages. Signs and symbols are often used on ships, both national and international, to communicate safe practices effectively and quickly. In this multidisciplinary activity, students are encouraged to take a look at some of the many safety signs used aboard the JR, discuss their meanings and why they’re necessary, and use them to spark creative thinking in a variety of disciplines. Below you will find links to the lesson plan, images of the signs, and a key to the sign meanings.

sign on the JR thumbnailsign images thumbnailsigns key thumbnail

There are two safety videos included here as well, to show students more about the safety practices onboard the JR! 

Expedition 336: Safety and Survival Suits from JOIDES Resolution on Vimeo.

Safety onboard the JOIDES Resolution from JOIDES Resolution on Vimeo.

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