On Our Way!

Yesterday at approximately 10:30am, The JOIDES Resolution, and all of us aboard left the safe harbor of Wellington.  Even the sun came out to wish us good luck.


The tug boats tied themselves to our starboard side as we released the ropes holding us to the dock on the port. With a few strong tugs, the little red boats turned us around and pointed us in the right direction. We waved to those who came to say good bye, and anxiously turned our attention to the harbor opening ahead. Many pictures were taken as we passed sailboats, sea kayakers and light houses. Then all of a sudden – we were free from the harbor walls and on our way. I stayed out for hours just watching the our wake and the landscapes as we travelled along the coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Finally, I caught a picture of the sunset, my last ‘set’ behind the mountains that I will see for quite a while. The sea is great! I say that because, so far, I have no issues of seasickness – hopefully that lasts for a while.


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JOIDES Resolution