Problem Solving 101

When things break in the deep ocean, people have to come up with creative ways to solve the problem.  That’s just what the scientists are doing to fix a problem with one of the CORKs.  On a previous expedition, when trying to lift off a "top hat" to open one of the CORKs, the handle broke off.  In order to get the piece out, a whole new tool had to be created.  One of the dive missions will include using this new tool (called a Top Hat Extraction Tool) to get the broken piece out and gain access to the fluids inside.  This tool uses some of the same principles used in the wheel bearings for skateboards!  The whole procedure will be filmed when JASON uses the new tool.  Want to see that film?  Simply send a comment to this posting and I’ll do my best to let you know how to access that footage once it’s available. 


example of a top hat                                                        basically a giant skateboard wheel bearing


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