Pyrite C. Monster

Victoria has taken midnight watch up on the bridge as she heard there are sea monsters coming up from the deep.  Sea monsters!  What do they look like?  She wants to be the first to find out because she is very curious, or some would say nosy, but she certainly isn’t scared!

She knows her small size is a saving grace. When things get tricky she can squeeze into the smallest hole and hide.  A great strategy with monsters, as well as with the humans and their big feet!

Later, on a search for cookie crumbs in the core lab, she had to hide quickly in one of the scientist’s smelly boots.  YUK!  But at least she was safe! The scientists had rushed to the core description table and were talking excitedly in whispers.
They were talking about a thing called Zoophycos.   That must be the sea monster, she thought, because scientists only speak about important things!

There was a long plastic tube they were looking at filled with grey, green mud.  Humans are very weird, looking at mud!  They called it a core and they were mumbling strange sounds…Bioturbation, Zoophycos, DIATOM OOZE!   Victoria thought it sounded so disgusting that she held her nose and stayed in that stinky boot!

Don’t tell anyone but they also said that this… Zoophycos… this revolting sea monster … makes it’s burrow by eating mud at the bottom of the sea and worst of all… poops the leftovers out!   This leaves a trail of evidence behind them called Zoophycos burrows.   And this made the scientists very happy?  She was confused.


But then she remembered that monsters live in caves so this must be the seamonster they were talking about!

When the scientists were back at their desks she crept out of the core lab and saw the photos the scientists had taken of the monster.  Yikes!

Pyrite Burrow- C. Monster

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