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The scientists aboard the JR responded to our event last night in the same manner they’ve been tackling their research – as a collaborative body. From 11pm to 1am local ship time, everyone had the chance to read over and put forth their opinions on the appropriate responses to the questions asked in the forum. Given the limited bandwidth available on the ship, only a couple of computers could be online at the same time, so I have to offer a huge note of gratitude to co-chief scientist, Ian Hall. Not only did he get up 4 hrs. before his shift normally begins, but he also physically typed in the majority of the answers after group discussion. But all the scientists have my profound appreciation – they have all been extremely supportive and helpful, especially during my twice (sometimes more!) daily interruptions of their work when I come through with my school presentations.

Another “hurrah” goes to Albert Ramos, our baker, who provided us with a tray of tasty cookies, and another of the best cinnamon buns I’ve ever eaten!

Sidney Hemming checking the questions while Ian Hall checks the room for responses

Sidney Hemming and Dick Norris responding to questions in the Reddit AMA forum

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