Riddles for Kiddles #2

Hi guys,  Here’s another riddle for you!  Yes, I recycled the same three riddles from BJ, but Dinah gave us an all new picture.

Which one, A, B, or C, matches today’s picture? Send your answers through the comment function below. We’ll send a package of JR goodies to the first three who guess the right answer. (No addresses will be published!) Here they are:

A. When you enter my spaces they’re always spotless and clean, so that whenever you’re hungry, or just want a snack, you can always come down and eat different foods, coffees or teas. What am I?

B. You visit me when you have need but hope never to, because all the patches and pink sea sickness pills, band aids and needles, tubes and machines and other tools of the trade can be found within my walls. What am I?

C. You’re assigned one of me when you come on board, to rest, relax, and recover in, but you may have to share me with one of your shipmates. What am I?

So which is it, A, B, or C? Write me and let me know and I’ll post a new riddle every day until we get to port!


P.S.  Here’s a picture of Bejonty (engineering student) after shadowing Chief Mechanic Kenneth Minto.


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