Science on board – Exp 367 meets Exp 368: difficult but not impossible.

One thing that maybe I have not stressed yet is that Exp 367 is the first part of a 4 month expedition and the work of our expedition will be continued with Exp 368 from April to June.

Look at this page if you want to know more.

This makes the scientists’ work even more challenging because methods, procedures, and findings should be shared and discussed with the science party of Exp 368.

Difficult but not impossible. So, when we had the reports meeting  for Hole U1499A, we invited the scientists of Exp 368 to participate in video conference and we had at least 18 of them connected with us. Science is definitely team work!

(Joann Stock, Co-chief scientist welcomes scientists of Exp 368)


(Claudia Lupi, paleontologist, explains how they dated the sediments)


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