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When you’re reading our daily reports, you may find it helpful to refer to “What on Earth is a Core?”

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Off to the U1333 science meeting!   Adam

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DATE:  28 March

LOCATION: Hole U1332C (PEAT-2C). 11º 54.74’N, 141º 2.74’W (4926 mbsl)

SCIENCE UPDATE: Offset 30 m to north and prepare to spud Hole U1332C to cover gaps in first two holes. Cores U1332C-1H to 13H and 14X taken from 0 to 118 m DSF; recovered 128.4 m.

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DATE:  29 March

LOCATION:  Hole U1332C (PEAT-2C). 11º 54.74’N, 141º 2.74’W (4926 mbsl)

SCIENCE UPDATE:  Cores U1332-15X to 18X penetrated from 118.0 to 155.5 mbsf; recovered 19.6 m. Coring finished at Hole U1332C; begin transit to Site U1333 (PEAT-3C) with IODP Publications Specialist and birthday girl Kelly VonDrehle at the helm (with Captain Alex Simpson, of course)

Challenge:  Calculate the % recovery for both days.  Send your answers through the Comment function below.

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Photo:  Leaving U1332 with Kelly VonDrehle and Captain Alex Simpson at the helm.  Credit:  Bill Crawford, IODP Imaging Specialist.


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