Exp359. 19th Oct. JOIDES Resolution is on the 1st drilling site!

That’s it, we’re there !!

The awaited moment arrived, on waking: additional noises on the boat, more intense activity, the thrusters  were lowered in the night on arrival at the drilling site to stabilize the boat. Since 8:00 this morning I see the drilling pipes descend one behind the other under the rig floor.

In a few hours we will hear the 1st “Core on deck”!

In the distance we see the atolls in fine green lines bordered by “blue lagoon” and white! But for us it is always the big blue, deep and intense even if there is only 512 m of bottom for this 1st site.

The first coring will also be “only” 80m.

Everyone is waiting for this 1st “outing”.

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JOIDES Resolution