The First Drill Core Has Arrived!

Early this morning the first core filled with seafloor sediments was pulled up on the ship’s deck! The sediments within the clear plastic tube appeared to be very wet and brown in color. The 10 meter long core was quickly cut into smaller pieces, each 1.5 meters in length. Plastic caps were placed on the ends and each section was labeled so that the scientists always know the correct position of the sections compared to each other. The cut sections were then placed on a rolling cart and brought to a refrigerator on another floor of the ship. The cold temperatures are to keep things from changing before they are studied. Remember, the temperature way down at the bottom, where the samples were collected, is very cold.

Everyone was excited to see the cores. We even had a shark circling the ship wanting to see what all of the excitment was about!

The weather today is warm with some light clouds covering the sky.

Have a good day! JR


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