The Scientists Are Very Busy!

Brrrrrr….. It’s cold in here! I’m in the refridgerator room way down in the ship with the scientists who are collecting samples from the cores. The temperature down here is about 7 degrees C and the scientists work in this room for 12 hours a day. The cold temperature is necessary to prevent chemical changes from happening before the scientists can study the sediments. Some of the scientists are collecting water from the sediments and others are collecting small amounts of the sediments themselves. Remember, sediments are usually tiny pieces of rocks that were originally on land and then carried to the oceans during the process of erosion. These sediments are a dark brown color and are extremely small. It looks like the clay that you might use in an art class.

The weather outside today is beautiful; warm and very sunny. Look below for some more photos, I’m heading upstairs and enjoy some of those nice warm temperatures, after all I’m really cold…..!!

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