The sea is very bumpy today!

Yesterday the sea was totally calm, like that described in the Tale of the Ancient Mariner. There were no white horses on the tips of waves, just a very gently undulating blue carpet in all directions, and little wind. A sailing craft could well have been becalmed.  Luckily our large diesel generators kept the electric motors pushing us onwards towards our destination. Today it is very different. It isn’t classed as ‘rough’ by the seasoned sailors on board, but described as ‘bumpy’ by the Captain. When I woke up I could hear the waves slapping loudly against the sides of the ship and when I got out of my bunk I immediately swayed sideways and hit my head. Ouch! I can imagine how completely disorientating it must be during a storm when you are never quite sure which way the ship is going to sway next! Hopefully it won’t get that bad. We should be in our drilling position within a day or so now, and once there, the stabilising systems will minimise the movement.

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