Exp 350: Week one!

AHOY! I’m Julia DeMarines, one of your two Education Officers onboard the JR and I’m excited to be the interface between ship life and YOU! The science team arrived to port in Keelung, Taiwan on March 31st to meet their new home for the next two months. So far we’ve been living on the ship for over a week and we’ve been sailing to the first drilling target for the last four days. We will arrive within the hour and drilling will immediately begin!

So far the last week has been fairly busy, with many meetings a day ensuring the science team has perfected their preparation for analyzing the core once it arrives. I use the word ‘busy’ relatively as once the core comes onboard and warms up to room temperature it will become SCIENCE-POCALYPSE on the JR! We are all excited for the upcoming events and we will keep you posted!

Additionally we are expanding our outreach efforts to include Instagram and we would be thrilled if you followed along! Click the link to the left or search for @JOIDES_Resolution




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