The secret garden

Victoria was dreaming of land the other day…  She’s 130 miles from land and can’t see a bit of it from the ship.  It’s grey clouds and grey sea all around.  Nothing wrong with grey, mind you, as she remembers that her fur is grey too, but some color would be nice!

She misses all the green trees she use to hide in, the moist green grass that she ran in, the vegetable garden she nibbled in and the smelly flowers she stuck her long nose in.  She can see it all in her memory of land but that memory is fading.

To console herself she followed her nose to the delicious smells of roast chicken coming from the kitchen.   Passing by the laundry she spied swans… (made out of towels!) in the laundry.   A warm smell of cinnamon wafted out of the baker’s oven, as she got closer.   Scones for afternoon tea- yum!

What luck! In the galley she crept into her own secret garden full of fruit and vegetables just her size!  Here she could see and smell all the wonderful things she enjoyed on land!  Bliss!  It reminded her of a tropical island her father told her about in the South Pacific where there are lots of trees and fruit.

Maybe she can go there next?

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