The sun is a mass of incandescent gas

May 25th, 2009

The sun is a very important part of our lives.  It lights up our lives so we can see the world around us.

Sunlight is food for plants.  They use it to grow.  As the plants grow, other animals eat the plants, and get energy from the plants.  We eat plants too, or you should be if you are listening to your mommy and daddy.  We just call them vegetables or fruit.  The ocean is the same way.  The sunlight lights up the top of the ocean, letting fish see their world.  It also serves as food for the tiny tiny plants in the ocean that everything eats.  Tiny animals eat the tiny plants, then small fish eat the tiny animals.  Small fish are eaten by bigger fish, and eventually, the bigger fish are eaten by people.  But the biggest animals in the world also eat plants.  The big whales, like the humpback and blue whales only eat the tiny plants and animals of the ocean.

However, even though there is no better place to curl up than a sunbeam on a cold day, the sun can hurt you too.  Never spend too much time in the sun without letting mommy or daddy put sunblock on you so the sun doesn’t burn you.  That is a lesson you should always remember, and a lesson that this bear should have learned long ago.

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