There is no core like Christmas core!

The JOIDES Resolution always does Christmas BIG and this year was no exception. 

It started with a performance by the choir in the lab stack, bridge and galley. 


Here you see the choir pictured with Captain Terry Skinner. 

Then we had an enormous feast. 


The Christmas Program followed with performances from the choir and skits by the scientists. 


From left to right Donna Blackman, Natsue Abe, and Benoit Ildefonse. 

Santa visited and handed out gifts.


Adam Bogus and Santa (Charlie Winn)


Lucas Kavanagh and Santa (Charlie Winn)

Of course we did get some work done. There is no core like Christmas core!


Adam Bogus


From left to right Jason Sylvan, Ginny Edgcomb, Benoit Ildefonse, and Chris Macleod. 

Merry Christmas 

from the entire Expedition 360 team!

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