Third Mate on the JOIDES Resolution

Coring is continuing today and the labs remain very busy. At site U1371, we are coring to a depth of about 125 meters beneath the seafloor. That means that we receive about 12 cores per hole, each core is generally cut into seven sections and we drill at least three holes per site. Samples must be analyzed from each section. Now you can see why the labs are so busy!

Rene Limjuco is currently Third Mate/DPO (Dynamic Positioning Operator) certified, on the JOIDES Resolution. He grew up in the central islands of the Philippines and originally wished to take business courses, but that changed when he got an opportunity to study at a government owned institution providing great benefits such as free education, accommodations, and training under a regimental lifestyle.

After attending his one-year apprenticeship, an Italian shipping company offered extra financial assistance for continuing his education until he completed his baccalaureate degree in Marine Transportation where he majored in Nautical Studies. Right after graduation, he joined the maritime industry and gained valuable experience sailing on bulk carriers of different classes and worked his way up from the rank of Deck Cadet up to his Chief Mates position. He came to sail on the JOIDES Resolution when a friend told him about it. He was a bit reluctant to submit his resume, but did and was fortunate enough to be hired. He has now been a regular employee of the ship for 5 1/2; years. His major responsibilities are maintaining the vessel’s position during drilling/coring operations, and performing bridge watch as Officer of the Watch while the ship is transiting. Rene is also responsible for the operational readiness of the life saving equipment and firefighting equipment on board and reports directly to the Captain.

He spends quality time with his family during his time off and sometimes is busy organizing events for his maritime school alumni association. His family is comprised of a 4 year old daughter, a 10 month old son, and a loving wife who works as a physician at the government hospital specializing in Family Medicine.

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JOIDES Resolution