After an extended wait at the fueling dock for the winds to drop, we got underway at about 10 pm last night. Now, at 8 am, we’re nearing the ocean. With the winds in our favour, we have a roughly 1.5-day transit to our first site south of the Falkland/Malvinas Islands

Education and Outreach Officers Lee (L) and Marlo (R)

In the meantime, my fellow Education & Outreach Officer Lee and I have been learning in depth about the labs and what each team will do in them, and practicing walkthroughs with the video/audio equipment, in preparation for our first live ship-to-shore broadcast tomorrow morning. onboard the JR is great! Our bunks are cosy and comfortable, and since we boarded a week ago, everyone has been enjoying delicious and varied meals and snacks from our amazing and accommodating galley team.

Over last couple of days, we’ve transitioned to our shifts: the Night team works from midnight to noon, and the Day team works from noon to midnight.

We are ready. As we entered the ocean, we were all pretty excited and eager for the drilling to get started and to get those first sediment cores on deck on Expedition 382—Iceberg Alley and Subantarctic Ice & Ocean Dynamics. As I write this, we are on track to reach out first site at 2 pm (Friday) and have our first cores on deck tonight at midnight!

Sunrises over the ship's bow
First sunrise at sea [Credit: Thomas Ronge]
Albatross toy sitting on the deck, watching the sunrise
Bob T. Ross enjoys the sunrise {Credit: Marlo]
Education & Outreach Officer for Exp 382 & Exp 390 I am a children's book author, an illustrator, and an editor, writing teacher, and science communicator. Outreach Officer for Antarctic research cruise NBP17-02, IODP Expeditions 382 & 390.
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  1. Marlo: We are looking forward to our live event next week, I have students brainstorming questions so we can use our time wisely! Students are exploring the web site now.

  2. Hi – in the photo at the top, what’s that small ship off to the upper right? Is that a tug boat?
    And are those picnic tables?! Do you use those for on board meals in quiet seas?

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