video conference

Here are two of the people who were on the video conference today, Dustin and Jennifer in front of the sunrise, which is midday for them. Today was a very special day for me because I met all my students on a video conference. I have been waiting all trip for this day.  I had lots of fun sharing with them. I wish I had taken a screen shot to post in my room of them! 

Here are three others from the video conference today (from my birthday party picture.) Brigitte is the second from the left (French teacher), Leslie, 4th from the left,who was holding the camera today, and, 5th from the left is Katerina, who makes everything flow so nicely. (Bill Crawford photograph)

The engineers and scientists have been working hard at problem solving. I am continually amazed at their ingenuity, resourcefulness and ability to adapt to changes in plans. Sometime equipment and tools need to be changed, retooled or made. Here is part of the equipment being retooled.

What else did I do on my birthday? What could be better than a trip to the moon pool! 

Seriously for a moment, I am learning much about the nature of science. Stay tuned next time for a philosophy of worksheets….and perhaps a look  at the delicious food extras.



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