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Between a rock and a very hard place

We awoke today to bad news about the drilling.  Just after midnite the drill bit encountered an especially hard object and suffered a catastrophic failure, so that the drilling bit and “shoe” (see photo) were lost from the end of the pipe and dropped into the bottom of the hole.

In between

The science party and staff of Exp. 346 worked amazingly hard and collected 6,135 meters of core in just 6 weeks. Wow! That wrapped up the last expedition of the Integrated Ocean Drilling program. As of October 1, the program is now called the International Ocean Discovery Program (still IODP!) and began its next phase.

Interesting story on NPR today!

As Exp 346 sets sail today, there was an interesting story on NPR this morning highlighting climate change and featuring an interview with Exp. 342 chief scientist Dick Norris. Read - and listen - to what he had to say here<!

Check out this sneak peak!

Hi All! You are in for a wonderful treat! We are working on an e-book about the JR - to be released in the beginning of April.

Here is a guest post from our e-book illustrator, Alice Feagan<:


Apply for School of Rock 2013!

Are you an educator who has been dreaming of sailing on board the JR? NOW is your chance? We have just opened applications for the School of Rock 2013 - on board the ship in Victoria, BC. You will learn more than you ever imagined about geology, earth science, and the amazing technology that goes into pulling core samples up from the ocean floor.

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