Hello all, this is my first ever blog and my first time sailing on the JOIDES Resolution (JR). As an oceanography student at the University of Rhode Island I sailed twice but each voyage was for no more than 8 days.

We will have exceeded that time span before we reach our first site, east of the South Island, New Zealand. You would think that we would be out sunning on the deck with all that “free time.” But our time is anything but free. We have been learning. This scientific drill ship is a complex operation, with everything to learn from toilets to safety equipment and every aspect of our core analysis tools to test and re-test. Additionally there are many expert scientists on our scientific crew who know a great deal about what we might expect to find when we start getting core on deck. There have been two or more science lectures daily interspersed with logistical lectures and time in our labs.

We are sailing in the Tasman Sea from the “dry tropics” of Townsville, Australia, towards the temperate island climate of New Zealand. We began in a fairly stiff wind. At least it was hard for me to walk in while on deck and I seemed to find myself drenched by water from waves breaking over the bow when I did go out. But since yesterday the wind and waves have been increasingly moderating and yesterday I was able to take this rather nice sunrise shot. I love being at sea, and along with the entire crew we are expecting exciting results once the core begins to arrive.

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JOIDES Resolution