Another NZ bird-little penguin

As part of the National Aquarium’s Seaweek conservation work, Hawkes Bay’s little penguins (Koror?) will have twenty new cosy homes on Tait’s Beach north of Napier, New Zealand.

The secluded beach is a perfect spot away from marauding dogs so the penguins can rest safely in their new wooden homes.  Penguins will nest under logs, piles of driftwood or under coastal homes that sit up on piles.  Due to loss of habitat these birds sometimes nest closer to the port of Napier.  One of the main goals of the Seaweek team was to try to give the penguins more nesting options away from suburban and city life.

Our team had a glorious day on May 9th !  We armed ourselves with spades and dug the boxes into carefully chosen locations along the coastline.  Thinking of the penguin’s instinctive nature to burrow we made the boxes appear inviting by covering the tops with driftwood.  Here’s hoping the penguins think so!
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