Benefits of Having a Boat Full of Geniuses

It’s fixed!!

Australia was not one of the most welcoming countries to me when I first arrived. It was definitely keeping me humble by taking away many of my non-essentials (in this case my flat iron).  In truth I should have known the difference between a plug converter and a voltage converter… and not bring unnecessary items for the sake of my personal satisfaction.

I thought my hair would never be able to have a
good” hair day during its stay in Australia, but HALLELUJAH! Thanks to Calli(pictured), Heather,Ian, and Edwin, my hair can once again flow beautifully with the sea breeze. I was on the verge of throwing it away until I realized: I’M ON A BOAT FULL OF SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS. Someone was bound to know how to fix it, right?


RIGHT. They made it look so simple too. They opened up my flat iron, saw a crack on the resistor, replaced the resistor, and put it all back together with ease.


I guess I will forgive you for this one Australia… 

As for our coring news:



Our coring has been pretty consistent so far:) The scientists are busy dating, labeling, describing, scanning (…the list can go on and on)It’s exciting that we’re passing more than 750m in depth… but it means the scientists are going to be busy busy busy for the next few days. (Guess it’s better than lazy-ing around doing nothing:P)

We’ve also been getting pretty interesting cores come up. We call this one “biscuits and gravy” – hard biscuit parts with soft gravy-like sections in between.


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