Eating – My Favorite Time of the Day!

Don’t get me wrong. I really like drilling into the seafloor, but eating is my favorite time! Our food is prepared in the galley (ship talk for kitchen). It operates 24 hours a day because there are crew members and scientists working all of the time. The catering crew must prepare meals 4 times a day and they also bake fresh cookies in between for snack time. No one goes hungry on the JOIDES Resolution!

Meal times offer a variety of salads, several types of dishes, and plenty of desserts. We have a two hour block of time during which meals are available and then the kitchen crew is back at work preparing for the next meal.

Peter Cassidy is the camp boss, which means he is responsible for making sure meals are prepared and the staterooms are cleaned. He is similar to a hotel manager. Peter is from Scotland, while most of the crew is from the Philippines. Many of the catering crew have sailed on other ships in the past. The catering crew is divided into several groups: cooking, cleaning staterooms, general cleaning around the ship, and laundry. They take good care of us! I have put some photos of many of the catering crew but there are others besides these.

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