Farewell Montserrat

 Mission accomplished! We have recovered multiple cores from locations around the island of Montserrat. Mid-morning we began our transit to our next sampling sites off the western coast of Martinique. Home to Mt. Pelée near the center of the Lesser Antilles arc. We will have travelled ~113 nautical miles on our voyage further south along the Active Arc of the Lesser Antilles. Our core recovery at Montserrat was quite fruitful. A total of 139 cores were recovered at depths from 10-245m within the seafloor, likely spanning well over a million years of geologic submarine history in the Lesser Antilles. Farewell Monterserrat, thank you for sharing your self-possessed and mysterious beauty with us each day that we anchored near your shores.


Photo credit, Adam Stinton Physical Properties Specialist during Expedition 340


Sunday’s are special on the JR

This is Sunday, March 18, 2012 – two weeks at Sea! What a wonderful voyage it has been. On Sunday's during Expedition 340 there is usually a BBQ lunch aboard the JR. Because we are underway we were not able to have the BBQ outside on the picnic tables, so the Caterers prepared a nice roast and Yorkshire pudding served in the Galley. Yet another delicious meal was presented, reminiscent of familiar family traditions of a Sunday dinner together. Here on the JR during Exp. 340 this is an extended family of sorts as we all gathered below for the Sunday lunch. So for all you back home following us… the catering staff is taking great care of us. Tonight Camp Boss Taylor prepared as one entree option Wandering Tiger Curry. Stay tuned for future posts about ‘What's for Dinner’?


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