Highlights from Exp. 396

As the ship arrives at port, we’re reflecting on Expedition 396. Here are some highlights and favorite moments from the onboard scientists:


“My favourite moment was climbing up the derrick with Carlos and John.”

–Christian Berndt, Expedition Co-Chief


“My favorite aspect of the cruise is its international aspect, and my favorite part is that I made new friends.”

–Sarah Lambart


“For me, the most memorable aspects of the expedition involved the conversations I had with new friends about life, career progression and science.”

–Dustin Harper


“My favourite moments are Joost being the first to find the first specimen of Apectodinium augustum, as well as being the first to find the Azolla remains!”

–Hendrik Brinkhuis


“My favourite aspects of the expedition are the opportunity to work with such a brilliant group of international scientists with diverse expertise and all the friends I made along the journey, offering their support and sharing all the unforgettable moments.”

–Weimu Xu


“​We have a remarkably detailed Eocene and Paleocene record of diatom production that will yield detailed biostratigraphic information for future studies. Much of the Eocene sections is unlithified, allowing APC coring with nearly complete recovery through the record.”

–Reed Scherer


“My favourite moment has been making a really close group of friends without having to worry about covid (after the initial 4 weeks of isolation / safety measures, of course).”

–Morgan Jones


“My favorite moment was when I was invited to help out at the catwalk during the last core on deck. I was helping Rose with the core catcher–that was awesome! During the expedition I tried to stay away from the catwalk when the core was on deck because it could get a bit crowded, and I did not want to be on someone’s way (I mean the technicians and curators who were actually working there and could be distracted by observers who were not essential during the critical curation procedures). But this time I was there on purpose, and I loved it.”

–Irina Filina


Mara Johnson-Groh is a science writer and photographer who covers everything under the Sun and even things beyond it.
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