JR Book Club with Tom

Tom is the 2nd mate for this expedition. He’s been working on various ships and boats for about 17 years!

Here’s what he has to say about what he’s been reading:

“I read a lot of manuals about different topics that relate to running a large ship like the JOIDES Resolution. I am currently reading the Merchant Marine Officer’s Handbook by William A. MacEwan. I’ve been focused on reading the following chapters: The Everyday Labors of a Ship’s Officer, Maintenance and Repair, Accident Prevention aboard Ships, and Maritime Labor Relations. It’s a good reference book.”

Did you know that we have safety drills every week? There are four lifeboats that we practice mustering at with safety equipment such as life vests, safety glasses, hard hats, and survival suits. Each week, we run through a different scenario so that if there ever is an emergency we are prepared. Safety is important both inside and outside of the lab.

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