Life Aboard the JR: The Lighter Side of Things

 Tonight's post is a collection of photos and captions to share with you some of the things we can do after finishing our 12-hour work shifts… if we are not sleeping. Enjoy this photo collage of the ‘less science side’ of life aboard the JR. Speaking of science, we have moved to our 8th sampling location (CARI-07) close to Martinique. The island is in sight again and casts a beautiful silhouette on the horizon. We have retrieved 15 cores from this site so far. Now it's time to share with you the Recreation areas of the JR, mostly housed on the Tween Deck. Hoping you enjoy the lighter side of life aboard the JR!






The LOUNGE for social gatherings, board games or reading a book from the library



A well appointed GYM on the Tween Deck

(benches, bikes, dumbells, elliptical machine, rowing machine, stairmaster, squat machine, treadmill, ping pong table, lockers, showers)



24/7 motivation for visiting the gym



Plenty of equipment for maintaining strength and coordination during Expedition 340.



Computers for casual internet access


Sunbathing on the Steel Beach



Simple relaxation each day at sunset or moonrise.

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