Photgraphy by Justin P. Dodd
Free man, you'll love the ocean endlessly! It is your mirror, you observe your soul In how its billows endlessly unroll Your spirit's bitter depths are there to see. You plunge in joy to your reflection's core, With eyes and heart seizing it all along; Your heart sometimes neglects its proper song Distracted by the ocean's savage roar. The two of you are subtle, shadowy: Man, none has sounded your profound recess; O sea, none knows the richness of your depths Since you protect your secrets jealously! And yet, because you both love death and strife, You've fought each other through the endless years With no remorse, without a pitying tear Relentless brothers, enemies for life! Charles Beaudelaire

Man and the sea
Agnes Pointu
Agnès is a French high school teacher with a passion for sharing geological sciences.
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