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One of our onshore scientists, Adriane Lam, has her own non profit website called Time Scavengers. It works to make science accessible and understandable. Throughout Expedition 393 Adriane has asked her coworkers to submit a summary of how they started out in their field, their personal reasons and interests in the field, and who they are as a person. Their entries are under the Meet the Scientist option on the Time Scavengers page.

Check out Jeff Ryan’s introduction here.

In my case it was a childhood interest in rocks and minerals, combined with a penchant for creative writing. Geology is at its core a storytelling science: we divine and tell the “stories” behind the places in the Earth that we examine.

Check out Gail Christeson’s introduction here.

Growing up I was always interested in science but didn’t know much about earth science. In high school I received information about applying for a scholarship to study geophysics – which I learned was studying the physics of the earth. Once I took my first geophysics course and discovered plate tectonics I was hooked!

Check out Tessa Peixoto’s introduction ( the outreach officer) here:

Being an adult educator is very important because it can help disseminate science in a way that helps the world presently. Essentially, I work with individuals that have the current and immediate ability to be stewards of the planet as their understanding of the world improves.

There are more profiles to come in this month.

Tessa Peixoto
Science enthusiast dedicated to making science more accessible to the public. She has worked in numerous informal educational spaces and believes that everyone does want to learn about their world but just needs help believing in themselves.
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