Rescue at Sea

It all started when a bird flew into one of the uprights of the derrick and fell onto the rig floor.

The relay to save the bird initiated with Ken, the chief rig mechanic, who came into the lab and asked:  “Does anyone want to box a bird?”

Garrick took up the cause then handed Beth Novak the box: “here”.  Not knowing the contents, Beth opened the box: “Oh, it’s a bird”.

OK, so now what?  No worries, this sort of thing has happened a time or two before:  a seabird isn’t expecting to have a derrick cross its path and flies into it, falling to the rig floor.  Lisa Crowder and Beth remove the bird to the deck for release at which time it promptly flies into the side of the ship.

Now a full-blown rescue mission is underway.  Lisa and Beth jump into action: boxes and clean soft rags are brought to the deck, the bird is placed inside the box on the rags to rest and recoup in a dark corner until the morning light can help it re-orient itself.

Since neither of the first-responders will be on shift at first light, the other Beth (Christiansen) and Seth Frank are recruited to see to its release.

To view the end of the story, visit JOIDES Resolution on facebook.

Teaser photo by Seth Frank, IODP

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