The Albatross – A Newspaper for the JR

Two months feels like a very long time when you work every day and the scenery doesn’t change much.

“Did we move in the night?”
“How would I know? It all looks the same!”

There’s one new independent publication though that is hoping to shed some light, warmth, and happiness while reporting what appears to be a combination of cartoons, loose facts, and practical horoscope predictions. The Albatross is here.

The Albatross is dedicated to putting a smile on the faces of those aboard the JOIDES Resolution. We here at the editorial board understand the varied array of emotions experienced by the scientists and crewmembers- despair, boredom, homesickness.

Published weekly, The Albatross reports on the weather, new events aboard the ship, animal spotting, as well as cultural pieces such as the Danish word of the day, the JR Book Club, and a regular piece dedicated to highlighting different sections of the ship. Members aboard can take out space for advertisements and complete a crossword puzzle during their coffee break or smoko.

Readership has this to say about The Albatross:

  • “I’m just trying to understand what I’m reading.”
  • “It’s great. I think.”
  • “My favourite part is the horoscopes. My horoscope told me to eat a green apple and I did. It was a great suggestion.”
  • “Needs more soduku.”
  • “Will suffice when we run out of toilet paper.”
  • “Best newspaper on the ship! It’s the only newspaper on the ship, right?”

P.S. There are lots of ways that scientists and crew remain healthy both mentally and physically. We have the gym to work out on, the helideck for jogs and walks, the movie room for watching tv shows, movies, and lots of books and games. We also try and weave in fun events and games in order to break the monotony that comes from working every day for 12 hours each day for two months. We celebrate birthdays and other holidays, there are movie nights and dance parties, and there’s The Albatross for some lite reading during meal times at least once a week.

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