Exp 371: Sets sail to the Tasman Sea Frontier.

On July 30th, 7 am Sunday morning Australian time, the JR, pulled away from the Port of Townsville.  This was the start of an extraordinary adventure, with an amazing team of research scientists from around the world.  The scientists share a common aim, and that is to embark on this expedition to drill into the submerged lost continent of Zealandia. As the ship pulled away, there was an air of excitement and anticipation, but also just a hint of nerves.  After months, years of planning, no one knows what the next 2 months will hold. The adventure of a life time has begun for these researchers.

International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 371 Tasman Frontier Subduction Initiation and Paleogene Climate

The first two days were packed with meetings, discussions and collaborative learning from the group of brilliant minds from around the world. This is a rare unique opportunity for these researchers to work together and piece the Zealandia puzzle together.  On August 3rd, the first cores will be coming up on the deck. Then the excitement will begin……




Debra Beamish
My name is Debra Beamish. I am a senior Earth Science teacher at Corinda State High School is Brisbane, Queensland Australia. I graduated from Otago University in NZ, majoring in Geology. I worked for NZ Oceanographic Institute in Wellington, prior to taking up a position as a Geologist with Mt Isa Mines in Brisbane Australia. I worked in coal exploration in Collinsville, North Queensland. After I married, I trained as a High School teacher, so I could juggle a career and a family. I am very excited to be briefly revisiting my original career choice of Marine Sedimentology /Oceanography on the JR Expedition 371
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