Tripping in…

Victoria’s run as far away as possible from her rathole today.   There’s a lot happening as the JR has moved to the 4th drilling site and it’s all action stations on deck!  Even with her hardhat and safety glasses on, it was dangerous to be on the drill floor today.

She heard the driller and roughnecks talking about “tripping in”.  It sounds like a strange thing to do down her rathole so she’s heading for the storage area until things quiet down a bit.

Speaking of noise she’s heard a lot of that coming out of the storage room when the crew sit here for their smoko breaks.   She peaked inside to see what was there.

Hanging along the wall was heaps of stuff!  Lots of red coats, 11 of these large orange things and one brown thing that wasn’t quite like the others.

Both the brown and orange things make sounds…so they are the same in one way.  Victoria wonders if you can tell her how they are the same!




Fishing for the “orange thing” in the water by the crew.


It’s been caught and is coming on board!

The acoustic beacon safely strapped onboard for it’s next journey.

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