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Last Night at Sea


Last night I realized that this would be my last night at sea for a very long time. I decided to make the most of it and enjoy the atmosphere. I went out on the deck on the bow of the ship and took in the scenery. The sun was a little past sunset. That was fine, I had seen plenty of sunsets this trip but I had never stayed to see darkness fall and the stars and planets come out for the show.

Approaching Land and the End of Expedition 340T

This morning we could see land in the distance. The pilot is scheduled to board the JR at 09:00. It is time to wrap it up.

The scientists are still working through the data and writing their preliminary report but a few things are already clear. The expedition was a success in that they were able to gather data to address several of their goals.

Just the Right Amount of Time


We arrived on site nearly three days early. Hopes were high that we would be able to get all of the logging data in the first three days, leaving some extra time to do even more scientific work. Those hopes were whittled away bit by bit as one problem after another arose.

Core on the Floor?

“Core on the Floor”


“Have you seen any animals?” That is the question that I hear in every one of my live broadcasts from the ship. My first animal sighting this expedition came a few days ago when I found a bird in the doorway as I was going out for my morning breath of fresh air.

The First Data Is In

During the night, the Triple Combo instrument was busy logging the hole. The instruments on the Triple Combo include a caliper to measure the condition of the hole, a temperature sensor to give a temperature profile for the hole and an instrument that measures resistivity. The resistivity of the rock tells scientists if the rock has been altered from fluid flow.

On Site and Ready to Go!


This has been by far the busiest day yet on the expedition. The day has flown by in a whirlwind of activity. We arrived on site last night at around 10:30 ship time. Once we got in position the drillers started to trip the line and get ready to find the hole.

Getting Ready to Log!

We are only hours from the reaching Hole U1309D the site that we will be logging. The pace on the ship has picked up a bit as everyone is getting ready to do their part. Banging of pipe and the sound of machinery added to the excitement as the drillers prepared to build the drill string. Everything will be ready to go as soon as we reach the site.

Make do or do without

Make do or do without. It is a phrase that I am very familar with from childhood but it takes on a new and challenging interpretation at sea. When you are at sea, you can't go out to the nearest superstore and find what you need. You need to use a little creativity and make use of the things that you have available.

Abby Learns About Logging Tools

Abby spent some time today with the logging staff in the Downhole Lab. She learned that scientists can send instruments deep into holes that were already drilled. This is called logging the hole. These instruments can help scientists learn more about the rocks that are around the holes.

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