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Ex345 Hess Deep Update: Post-Cruise Meeting

I just retuned home from the Post-Cruise meeting for Expedition 345 Hess Deep Rift. I sailed as a member of the Education Officer team, which included two awesome people: Susan Gebbels and Jean-Luc Berenguer.

Education Team Facts and Figures

The Education Team has put together a report highlighting some of our accomplishments during the cruise. We broke some records this expedition, and that was in part thanks to all of the support and help from the scientists with the broadcasts and activities. We put this document together to show everyone how influential and inspiring their work is to students all over the world.


We only have a few days left on board, and with all of our projects coming to an end, there is time left to reflect (I’ll keep the water related puns to a minimum) on this experience.

Sample Party: Let’s Discuss without Fisticuffs

Teacher Resource: Group Guides - PaleoMag

Here's the Paleomagnetics poster for the Group Guide series. I've attached a high-res version below.


The Pmag group for this expedition includes Antony Morris, Sarah Friedman, and Andrew Horst. If they were a band, they'd be called Tony and the Magnetics.







Teacher Resource: Group Guides - Structure Team

Here's the next poster in the Group Guides series. This one details the Structural Geology Team's duties in the labs on the JR.


















Teacher Resource: Group Guides - Phys Props

I've been working on a new edition of the Tales of the Resolution comic over the last few weeks. Now that the script is mostly done, I can move on to Phase Two: Photo Collection.

Happy Endings

In the last few days, this expedition has gone from the lowest of the low recovery rates to close to the highest of the high. There's been a real change of pace with core on deck every few hours. The scientists wake up to start their shift with 30 to 40 new meters of core to describe. And that's pretty flippin' awesome considering the slow-going and hardships in the beginning of the cruise.

Strategy: The Name of the Game

The gloves are coming off for these sample requests, and unfortunately it’s been terribly fun for me to watch. Because of the collaboration condition, people are strategizing and carefully selecting the perfect piece of core. The problem is that’s only half the battle. Odds are another group could be gunning for the same section. So what do you do then? Compromise?

Science with a Little Bit of Humor

The Education team has a wall outside of our office where we place images, video feedback, notes, updates, etc to inform the scientists on board what we're doing. It's been quite effective, as we notice most people stop on their way out the door to see what's new.

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