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Puzzlement at Fantangisna, and (hopefully) fixing stuff

New Sites, New Rocks, New Challenges

It's been a busy number of days here on the JR since my last post!


The Lull Before Asut-Tesoru...

It's been a rather quiet couple days here on the JR, as the drillers have been diligently drilling what will ultimately become a 200 m cased drill hole with an ROV landing pad on top, for future instrumentation and use as a venue for real-time measurements of the unusual upwelling fluids we encountered at Yinazao Seamount.

What is it that Geochemists do on the JR?

Geek Blog 1, from the summit of Yinazao: What IS the deal with Mariana Serpentinites?

OK - several blogs ago I promised to explain why this was THE Expedition I always wanted to be on, with the teaser that it had a lot to do with Serpentinite. 

Serpentinite, formally defined, is a rock made mostly of Serpentine, Serpentine is a common mineral formed during the metamorphism of olivine-rich rocks.

Yinazao Seamount, and the Perils of Drilling on Hillsides

Well, it took more than a day to get core on deck! 

Popping a CORK, and Sunrise Watching (redux...)


Currently, we're sailing for Yinazao (formerly Blue Moon) Seamount after a partly successful endeavor to un-CORK (i.e. remove a CORK-type fluid flow and analysis instrument package) from Site 1200 on the South Chamorro Seamount, that had been there for 15+ years since it was installed on ODP Leg 195. 

We're Underway! 2 m Heave, Flying Fish, and a Conference of Anguish

At 5 AM local time the JR un-moored from our harbor in Guam, the tug pulled it away from the dock, and we set out for our first site, ODP Leg 195 Site 1200, to un-CORK that instrumented hole and prepare it for newer/better instrumentation.  

Back on the JR (!!??). Guam, Magnetometers and Serpentine...

And... two years and 10 weeks later; I'm back on the JR

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