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Behind the Science - Adam's chronicle: why sometimes we have low sediments recovery

Looking at the white board in the core laboratory that shows the percentage of core recovery, we often see low numbers. Expedition Project Manager Adam Klaus is here to explain why sometimes the core liners are almost empty.

Adam Klaus

Behind the Science - Water on the sea

Of course, I know that there is "water in the sea" but in this post I will tell you something about the fresh water we use onboard.

Behind the Science - Amazing JR

Behind the Science - "Feeding the Science"

In every video conference there are always some questions regarding the food and the nutrition on the ship. 

Education and Outreach - Contest for schools/Concorso per scuole



Science on board - Chit-chat with a Sedimentologist

Some days ago we met the sedimentologist Caroline Robinson,  but onboard of JR we have a big group of sedimentologists. Here is the interview of Jessica Hinojosa another of them. A super passionate one!

Science on board - "Any collaboration is more than welcome"

With the words "Any collaboration is more than welcome" Cuimei Zhang, a scientist from China,finished her presentation in the conference room.

Science on board - Chit-chat with a Sedimentologist


I'm going to continue introducing to the blog followers the scientists involved in the expedition. This time is the turn of Caroline Robinson. Anytime she helps me during the video connection with the school she is always able to inspire students with her enthusiasm. Here is her interview.

Behind the Science - Try to guess what is the most important object in the picture (second part)

Some posts ago I published a picture asking what was the most important object in this picture that was taken on the rig floor after the casing. It has been a challenge for many persons even here in the ship. Are you ready for the answer?

Behind the Science - Try to guess what is the most important object in the picture/Indovina qual e' l'oggetto piu' importante

This will be a big challenge for people that are not expert about drilling system like me.

The following one is a picture taken in a specific moment on the rig floor, after we finished the casing (if you don't know what the casing is, see a previous post about).

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