The role of the sedimentologists.

JOIDES Resolution drills under the ocean into the seafloor to bring up long cylinders of material called core. Sedimentologists describe this core.There are two teams of four sedimentologists sailing with expedition 363. The team working from midday to midnight comprises of Brad, Sam, Takuya and Jong-Hwa.

Sam is part of the team of sedimentologists.

We would not be allowed to drill without the geochemists.

Tali, Dan and Masanobu make up the noon to midnight shift in the geochemistry laboratory. This team of scientists undertake some important initial analysis of the sediment. 

Who is the most important person on the ship? Is it those who start analyzing the core first?

Life at Sea vs. Life in Bremen

Today was the last day of core description for Chicxulub Impact Crater scientists who have been working at the University of Bremen in Germany. You would assume that doing scientific work on land for four weeks would be a lot different than doing scientific work on the JR for eight weeks, but, surprisingly, the life you end up leading in both situations has a lot in common.

Who is the most important person on the ship? The 'Camp Boss' Tim Proctor with his team ensure we are well looked after.

Off to Explore the Past!

At first light the crew of the JOIDES Resolution were busy with the

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