Awesome Experience

Gotta love a scientific drilling ship. What better place in the world is there to learn about something new first hand, ask questions and find and create awesome things to take home?

Drilling and Drawing

I see drilling out the window; we're expecting core sometime after midnight, depending on how rubbly it is down the hole.  Everyone is prepared, from Lara the curator to the techs, scientists, and outreach personnel. 

ROV, Day 3 & 4

So most of you have probably realized by now that I'm a little behind in posting my ROV blogs but not to worry, since today was actually day four. Soooo, since I've no idea how long I'll still be caught we go!

ROV, Day 2

As interesting as day one was day two was much more fun. Umbilicals and Drimmels


It's been a while  since I've posted. Want to see what I've been doing?

D'etranges compagnons du Joides ...

L'eau potable est produite ici a partir de l'evaporation de l'eau de mer chauffee par les machines.

ROV, Day 1

For one of our group activities here on the ship we have the opportunity to construct ROV’s (Remotely Operated Vehicles) led by CORK Specialist’s Geoff Wheat and Samuel Hulme. Even with no idea what an ROV is, it sounds like it could be fun, right?

La magie des couleurs des mineraux

De nombreuses methodes existent pour etudier les roches. Mais la plus esthetique reste a mes yeux l'observation en lumiere polarisee analysee.

Running casing with a "swell" packer

The last 24 hours was pretty frustrating, because we were trying to get 10-3/4" casing into a hole drilled into basaltic crust. We got the casing about 320 m into the hole, but could not get it in the last 16 m to land it and latch it in. After trying to get the casing in for about 12 hours, we pulled it back out, shortened it, and now we are going back in to the hole.

sunset sunrise

 Sunset points to nice sunrise: both unusual for this location! 

Usually it is overcast and windy. The night before last, the clouds were breaking up and we saw a wonderful sunset. It was the warmest nicest day so far. Many of us watched sunset again to see the green flash. It didn't happen but perhaps the sun would come out tomorrow too....

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