Jury rigging and cannibalizing

 Update from Katie Inderbitzen aboard the R/V Atlantis, currently at sea servicing the Juan de Fuca CORKs.

Only one week until we sail!

Plus qu'une semaine avant le grand départ. Merci aux enseignants géologues de l'université de Rennes , je me souviens bien du nom mythique de ce bateau. Comme quoi certains cours peuvent faire rêver!

Vite, vite!

"1 week 5 days from now"!

CORK Maintenance 2010 aboard R/V Atlantis

This blog is the first in a series by Katie Inderbitzen, (former School of Rock instructor and future Physical Properties Specialist for Exp. 327) who is currently aboard the R/V Atlantis for the 2010 CORK maintenance/data collection cruise using the Remotely Operated Vehicle JASON.

Beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Tie Up

I’m back onboard, this time we are ‘along side’, which means the ship is tied up to a dock for the whole two months that I am aboard – fantastic!


comic book


Do you like comic books? Check out the JR comic book, Tales of the Resolution and learn the fun way at the website:


Mid June 2010

Just for fun, zoom in on the new image on the right: "Where's The JR!"

The JR Poem June 2010

Here's a new poem about the JR, enjoy!! Newly created and submitted....

Vote Now

Say you had to enter a contest, which kind would it be: writing or singing a song, writing a poem, creating an art piece, or making a video? Go to the box at the right for your chance to vote! See what happens! Let me know if it doesn't let you vote.

Wilkes Land, the Documentary

Still having Wilkes Land withdrawls? Better get over it -- Juan de Fuca is just around the corner. Maybe this will help.

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