Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!  We rang in the new year on the bow of the ship.

The End is in Sight and So are the Squid

It's early morning of December 31 here on the ship.  Things are quiet right now because we're waiting for the gale force winds to die out and the sea to calm so we can start drilling again.  We had to suspend drilling  early yesterday afternoon because of the swells.

The Calm Before the Storm

Well, Christmas is over and all the festivities are behind us.  Celebrating the holidays on the ship was amazing.  We had a gift exchange on Christmas Eve, where I received this cute stuffed sheep, which will forever remind me of New Zealand!

By the Numbers

The picture above shows a cutting shoe for an Extended Core Barrel (XCB) drill bit.  On this expedition, we have alternated between 3 types of drill bits.  The XCB, Advanced Piston Coring (APC) and Rotary Core Barrel (RCB).  Each bit and cutting shoe is best suited to a certain kind of sediment and set of drilling conditions.   The APC is best for soft sediments and is

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Kids!  Christmas on the ship has been very exciting.  As you can see - my friends help me get in to the spirit to be a junior Santa with my own beard and hat!

On the ship, we keep working every day.  Even when the day is a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving.  But during the work we also had some great fun. 

Poetic License

Twas the Night Before Christmas On the JR

To Slice or to Smear?

When the cores are being described by the sedimentologists, they need to know more than just color and visible structures.  They need to know what minerals the grains are made up of, and if there are any remains of organics, such as plants and animals.

Let's Split!

When the core comes out of the ground it looks just like a big, giant drinking straw full of modeling clay!  We use a plastic tube to hold the core and it's called a liner because it lines the inside of the drill pipe

Chill Out!

Once the samples have been taken from the working half, and the archive halves of the core have been described, they have to be packed and stored so they will be ready to ship when we reach port.

Crazy Seals


Science is going great and we are smashing JR records right and left, but what about the promised marine mammals? So far all I have seen are a few crazy seals. 


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