Rough Seas, Sunny Days, and a Sick Lamb

January 15th, 2010

The weather has cleared, and we’re back to making good time.  We’re now traveling at about 11 miles per hour, which is actually as fast as the JOIDES Resolution can go!  It’s why it takes us 9 days to reach Antarctica from New Zealand.  I took this photo today, this is a beautiful summer day on the Southern Ocean.

Why did I become a scientist?

Why did I become a scientist?

Out of the Roaring Forties and into the Screeching Fifities

Well, well, I guess we left the roaring forties only to be thrown into the screeching fifties. The first storm was just a mild blow compared to what we have just gone through. Over the last day and half, we have through a heck of a storm.

Clearing the south island

For the first day of the most exciting expedition to the white continent, we sailed on the eastern side of the south island of New Zealand.  This provided us with protection from the high waves of the Southern Ocean that we were sure to encounter sooner or later.

12th January

It’s been another interesting but very long day (midnight now, working since 8.30am). Science presentations this morning. We’ve had some great presentations since we started the cruise, many of the scientists onboard have worked on Antarctica or in the Antarctic margins previously. While we have been sailing to the first site they have been generously sharing their insights and past discoveries, so that we all have a deeper understanding of the aims of the cruise.


Getting Ready

Tuesday PM (52oS). There are still four days to go before we reach our first drilling location, but there is little down time here on the JR. We got to get orientated, organized, and practice our sampling plans so that everything runs as smoothly as possible when the first core comes.

Storms, Cores, and Funny Fruit!

Day 4 We had a very calm morning and afternoon, however, towards the end of the day we changed course to avoid a storm.  This storm has 55-63 mph winds at its core, and was heading straight for us.  We’ve changed course to hopefully avoid the worst of it, but there is no doubt about it, we are in f

Two days out to sea

January 10th, 2010

Day 2-

Just a short update from today I’m afraid. The sun has just set, and as we’re supposed to be getting into bad weather, and rough seas tonight, I thought I should post a quick blog. Lambchop has already hunkered down, she doesn’t like rough seas at all.

A new means of blogging

It’s time to experiment with a new way of blogging.  This involves a copy  and paste of text from a Word file, I think.  Let’s see what happens.  This is just a test, so please bear with me…  If it works, it will make life easier for our blogging scientists.

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