Flat Stanley on the catwalk

Wow! Look where I am now. This is the catwalk and this long tube holds the core which has made it all the way up from the bottom of the ocean. Those are the technicians way down at the other end of the core. You can see them measuring the core to see how much rock and sediment we've recovered. Do you know the difference between rocks and sediments?

Is it over yet?

I’ve been looking down a microscope all day and most of yesterday. I spent the previous few days describing core. I am feeling so negative affects. I’m struggling to remember simple passwords, my eyes feel funny and my head is not quite right.

Meet Mike Widdowson, the volcanologist

Hey kids! The workers finished putting the pipe together and we have finally begun drilling. Meet my friend Mike Widdowson. He came all the way from England to work as a volcanologist on this research cruise, and he can't wait to see what comes up from the hole we drill in the ocean floor. Do you know what a volcanologist studies?


Flat Stanley on the drill rig floor


Welcome to the rig floor! Here you see how our men work on a drill pipe.

Flat Stanley:

Bye Bye Shatsky

20 October 2009

Please meet Ron Grout, Operations Manager

Now I want you to meet Ron Grout, the Operations Manager here on the JOIDES Resolution. I heard he's the man who plans all of the drilling operations. But I don't know what that means.....

Ron, can you explain to me and the kids what an operations manager has to do on a drillship?

Ron Grout:

Mrs. Niki Cornett, thank you very much!

Hey kids, I just remembered who sent me here..... it was Mrs. Niki Cornett! Thank you very much! Now I want to show you something.....

If you look through this porthole behind me you see the western Pacific Ocean. Although I miss Morehead and all of you very much, being here on this ship makes me feel like the luckiest Flat Stanley in the whole world!

Joerg sent me to meet a new friend

Look kids! Joerg sent me to a friend. This is Noritaka Matsubara from Japan. He is going to tell me exactly where we are out on the ocean.


Micro to the macro, or was it the other way around?

Issues of scaling always come up in all fields of science. In oceanography we talk about mesoscale and submesoscale features, but there are also larger phenomena like basin-scale, and smaller microscale.

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