I claim this core in the name of.....



I am still trying to show you swell in a photo. These two images were taken just behind the bridge (foreground) looking forward by my video. They are 4 seconds apart and my camera is held steady with a railing for support. As you can see the horizon seems to be moving. That is the ship pitching forward and aft with the swell. We are nearly on station.

Ready to Drill

Hello friends!  It's Wiki the Kiwi again.  I had a lovely visit with all my Kiwi friends during our shore leave.  The ship had to stop for some fuel in Wellington.  I spent some time in town and now I am ready to get busy helping the scientists with their work. 

Shore Leave

We had a short shore leave while the ship fueled up in Wellington, New Zealand.  I work the midnight to noon shift, so we were able to go ashore just as my shift was ending. 

Windy Wellington

Hello from the quiet JR. Yesterday was very exciting for us. We saw land for the first time in 8 days! First light rose above New Zealand and by noon we were docked in Wellington. The transit through Cook Straight was WINDY. 

The Great Peanut Butter Apple Debate

It's funny the things you assume are universal.  One of the great things about this trip is meeting people from all over the world and getting their perspective on things.

Almost there...

Today we will arrive in Wellington - a brief stop to pick up some more fuel for the ship, and a chance for us to disembark for the last time before the end of the expedition.

For me, a chance to meet some of my New Zealand friends.


Greetings! My name is Stacie Blair and I am a shipboard scientist participating in Expedition 317 going to the Canterbury Basin.  I am a micropaleontologist (I study very small fossils) and I study a particular fossil group called "calcareous nannofossils". 

Sea and Swell

Hello everyone. I want to say a special hello to the oceanography students at Western Michigan University. A lot of students are studying the ocean and, sadly, being in the middle of the continent, we do not get to visit and see it for ourselves. 

I'm Helping

Hi everyone!  I am learning new things so that I can help when the core starts to arrive from the big drill on the ship. 

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