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From what I've heard, Easter was kind of a nonevent on the JR this year -- a day of meetings and fire drills.

What's Up?

PRESENT ACTIVITY:  Update as of 0700 hours 4 April 2010:  Underway for Victoria B.C. on a bright and sunny Easter Sunday morning.

28/29 March 2010

MIDNIGHT CONDITIONS: Heading: 46°; Max Wind:16-25 kt @ 55°; Seas: 3 ft @ 4 sec period from 55° Swells: 10 ft @ 10 sec period from 70° Sea Water: 26.7°C; Barometer: rising @ 1012.0 Mb; Air:  26.5°C; Max Pitch: 4° @ 6 sec; Max Roll: 3° @ 6 sec.

So whatever happened to March 25???

Backtracking a few days...where we left off...Here's what the Captain had to say about March the 25th: "At 2321 local time on Thursday 25th March 2010 the JOIDES Resolution crossed the Equator from South to North and the International Date Line (Longitude 180 degrees) from West to East. This is believed to be a first for the JR.

24 Mar 2010 -- King Neptune expected today!

We continue underway for Victoria B.C. on a north easterly course of 35° at an average speed of 9 knots (see challenge question below) with 130 turns on each shaft. We are experiencing a nominal 15 kt headwind and strong current off the starboard beam slowing our SOG.

23 March 2010

We're underway for Victoria B.C. on a north easterly course of 49° at an average speed of 10.5 knots with 130 turns on each shaft.  Moderate seas/swells, scattered clouds and bright sunshine prevail. Visibility remains good. Confirmation has been received that Davey Jones, official emissary of his Royal Highness King Neptune, will board the ship on Thursday, 25 March 2010.

Short hiatus, then much more!


Hi everyone! You might be wondering why there haven't been a lot of blogs recently. Well, the new JR has completed its first year of operations since the renovation - that's six straight expeditions. And now it is on its way to Victoria for a few months of scheduled maintenance operations.

03 11 10: EPILOGUE

I have just arrived home after thirty plus hours of traveling.  I return with mixed emotions (as many of my colleagues also feel), as it is good to be home, but there is a heavy heart and an emotional drain as the great adventure has ended for all. 


03 07 10: "The Big Goodbye"

We are less than 24 hours from Hobart and the end of this most amazing expedition. 

So, while the Wilkes Land Antarctic Expedition may have come to end,

Heading Home

Well folks, we are almost to the end. It is Saturday night and we have one more solid day before we roll into Hobart. The seas have been oddly calm. I was looking forward to the screaming fifties and the rolling forties - storms and adventure. But instead we have pea soup fog and glassy waters.

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