Twins views of heaven

It is not often that one can gaze into the golden rays of heaven.  But on two successive morns, The spirits of Antarctica gave us a spectacular light show, the likes I have never seen. 

Catching up from sampling

Hello Out There! I know – It has been a long time. And I’m sorry, but I’ve been sooo busy! I don’t even know where to start – what day was what – everything has just been crazy.


02 08 10 A tree ring record from the deep sea



Greenhouse world sediments, tree ring like sediments, exploding cores, whales, icebergs...just another week in the office...


It’s been a while since I blogged. Just been too busy, working all hours in this floating city of science. Much has happened since the last post, Greenhouse sediments, tree ring like sediments, exploding cores, whales, icebergs and a live video conference with students on the other side of the planet...just another week in the office...


Slow Days and Bad Weather, and The Promise of Better

February 8th 2010

Sometimes you get to core, sometimes you do not.

The last two days, we have not.  We finished at the Adelie Drift site, and headed along the coast to get to our next drillsite.  While we were doing this, we dropped below the Antarctic Circle for a bit! 

Hey, look, it is Antarctica!

February 5th, 2010

So yesterday we set off for a new site.  The last site we were at was over 330 kilometers (over 200 miles) off shore.  Now we are 20 kilometers (about 12 miles) offshore.  In fact, here is Antarctica!


During our two days at the Adellie Site, the spirits of Antarctica granted us the glory of seeing the magnificence of this most remote continent.  

Getting Deep in the Greenhouse World

Blog entry 02 03 10: Getting Deep in the Greenhouse World

Life on the JR

Dear World,

I don’t feel like writing much today ... but I do feel like posting pictures. So here is a picture show from my most favorite day so far....Last Sunday.

Done Drilling the First Site and Splitting a Core

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

We just finished hauling up the last core from this site.  Final total is over 1000 meters of drilling (that is over 3,000 feet, or more then ½ a mile!), and 9 days in a single spot. 

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