Halloween Night Onboard the JR: Comic by Jesus


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Freddy: Where are all the scientists?

Jason: The ship has been abandoned, they've all escaped!!

Freddy: Look on the bright side. At least we are cutting things into pieces.

Exp359. JOIDES.Magnetic susceptibility: simply great !!

Magnetic susceptibility: the name could seem weird !

The process used now in sedimentology  is smart.

2 points to know:

- Magnetic susceptibility measures the answer of a sample in response to an applied magnetic field. A kind of degree of magnetization of the material.

Exp359. JOIDES. Vous avez dit susceptibilité ?....

La susceptibilité magnétique.

C'est juste génial !!

Le nom peut paraître barbare, le principe, utilisé en sédimentologie, est élégant !

2 choses à savoir :

To Drill or not to Drill that is the Question : contributor Clay Furman

The  JR drillers are busy drilling 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Students have many questions about drilling and since the driller are busy on the  rig-floor I went to the JR Logging Engineer Clay Furman for answers. Let's start with why we drill.

Halloween359, quand la science inspire le déguisement..

Les chercheurs n'ont pas été à court d'idées pour leur déguisement: 

à vous de retrouver qui est qui : le spécialiste des Coccolithophoridés?

la spécialiste de l'échantillonage des Foraminifères ?

et qui a eu le prix du déguisement le plus organique ?

Exp359. 30th Oct. To collect plankton... with a pinguin ?

Exp359. JOIDES. 50 tons fresh water a day

Water is a crucial question  everywhere even on a ship !!

aboard the water tanks hold 150 Tons ( 150000 L): that is to say 3 day supply !

So the ship has to produce fresh water very soon after the departure.

The production is about 50 tons of fresh water a day; about 575 L /pers/day ( average consumption in USA : 400-500L /pers/day).

Core on Deck: Comic by Jesus Reolid


JR Comic Core On Deck blog

Exp359. 27th Oct. From a hole to an other one ...

During the night the hole 1U1465B has been abandoned and the JOIDES moved on to the site U1465C , after the sea floor has been cleaned, 

to drill to 576 mbrf (55mbsf) and core to a depth of 123,7mbsf: today in the morning, core on deck from 203,8 mbsf. 

In the labs the scientists teams keep going on the analyses .

Exp359. 27th Oct. Night shift in the Paleomagnetism lab !

They read the magnetic field directions recorded in rocks and sediments !

Luigi Jovane , university of Sao Paolo Brazil and Luca Lanci, university of Urbino Italy, are  paleomagnetists. 

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