The Biggest Core

Yesterday, by complete accident, we recovered the largest diameter core in ocean drilling history! Here’s how it happened…

The Magnetism of Rocks

We've all played with magnets before, but no one knows magnetism like the Paleomag team aboard the JOIDES Resolution. Shipboard paleomagnetists provide paleomagnetic and rock-magnetic measurements of recovered rocks.

The Moho Mohawk (No coring = boring)

Over the transit, during our medical evacuation, the scientists on board were able to catch up on a bit of their work. Before we left the site the core was coming up on deck fast a furious. This break in fresh core allowed them to continue analyzing the core we had already collected. We even used the time for our first sampling party. 

Art in the rock ... What do you see in these thin sections ? EPISODE 1

Jiansong Zhang, our Chinese reporter, gives a new vision of these 'dry' olivine-gabbro!!! let's see

a horse birthing

Courtesy of Bill Crawford, IODP imaging specialist

What do you see ?

Podcast Chapter 3: The Life of a Core


What happens to the rocks we collect from deep within the earth? One the latest episode, we follow the life of a piece of core onboard the JOIDES Resolution as it is analyzed by the many scientists. Plus the latest news from the expedition: issues with a broken drill bit and a medical evacuation.

Safety Before Science

Let's Get This (Sampling) Party Started

Most people might think that once a core comes on deck the science begins, but even before that our scientists were hard at work. Well before the JR left Colombo, Sri Lanka our scientists submitted sample requests to our Sample Allocation Committee (SAC). These requests indicate the kinds of samples the scientists anticipate collecting from the cores. 

CORE DESCRIBERS : 3 teams, 3 specialties, 1 goal ! EPISODE 2 : STRUCTURAL GEOL.


Mike, Jeremy, Oliver, Carlotta, Gustavo. Another team to describe the rocks. They are interested in the organization of the minerals.


Background : Mike ; left : Gustavo ; right : Carlotta

You Asked, We Answered.


We successfully completed our reddit ask me anything (AMA), which turned out to be the busiest in IODP history! 9 of us spent 2 hours debating, researching, and answering 64 questions about the JR, expedition 360, and seafloor geology in general. You can read all the questions and answers on reddit but here are some of our favorites...

CORES DESCRIBERS : 3 teams, 3 specialties, 1 goal EPISODE 1: IGNEOUS PET


Jim, Lyderic, Tomo, Chuan-Zou, Biswajit, Alessio

They focus on lithology and mineral composition. They have to determine grain size, modal composition (percentages of olivine, plagioclases, pyroxenes), texture ... observing the cores. And the thin sections are carefully chosen to tell the story of the magmatic chamber !

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