Biscuits and Gravy

Drilling can alter the core in a variety of ways. This morning, the core on the description tables is made of "biscuits and gravy": coherent chunks of compacted sediments separated by a muddy matrix of ground up core that gets squeezed into the core barrel in between the biscuits. Why does this happen and what can it tell us?

Scales Are Not Just For Fish: A Blog Series about Time and Space in Geology

Blog Series Installment #1: Introduction

Tell me who you are, I will tell you where do you come from

There is an important question to answer for the sedimentologists: where do the sediments come from?

One way to answer to this question is to take a look at the sands in the cores. It is one of the jobs of Kitty Milliken on the JR.

A few tidbits about life on the JR

Aside from the gentle rocking motion, the 12-hour shifts, the vacuum toilets, the noise of 12 thrusters keeping us in place, and the 360º view of a completely flat horizon, it's just like living on land.

Fifty shades of grey



So, what exactly is a diatom paleontologist...?

We reached the sea floor!

Mosquitoes the size of what?!


Sampling Sampler

After the core comes on deck at the catwalk and whole-round samples are taken for fossils and chemistry, it comes indoors for the rest of its life. Then measurements and sampling really get underway.

Underwater beach?!

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