Early Preparation

Anticipation caused a cleaning frenzy, window-shopping and a new computer purchase.  Not only do scientists have much work to do after an expedition, but also there is much to do before an expedition starts.

This next expedition’s original proposal was submitted in 2003, with planning going on many years before that. Imagine planning for a two-month trip for over 7 years! Just like space exploration, limited time, resources and opportunity govern ocean floor exploration.

Final days before leaving on an expedition must be a busy time for the ship staff and scientists. For those who are going on the JR for the first time, such as myself, there are also other more emotional reactions.

My reactions included cleaning house, sharing with friends and students, and going shopping. Cleaning house was neither interesting nor helpful (ship wise). Sharing was exciting. And, all the window-shopping ended in a new laptop, which I needed anyway.  (30 hours without my computer was strangely peaceful.)

My last reaction, spending time learning about ocean exploration, may seem strange to some, who may be more interested in prom dresses right now, but, learning about rocks and mud below the ocean is important. Louis Pasteur said: “In the field of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind.” Hopefully, it will be the geologists who can shed light on the erupting troubles of these times.

Photo credit to cbc.ca






New Applicant Hoping to Join You!

Hello Jackie!
I just faxed my application today to join this expedition on September 4th! I only learned of this opportunity last week. I was mesmerized watching the video from the JR website. I teach 5th grade science to 3 classes for a total of 70 students. Last year I participated with an Earthwatch Expedition to Arizona for 10 days to study "caterpillars and climate change". That was truly an amazing experience!

I will be following your blog as time approaches. I pray that my vitae and preliminary ideas will excite the people who select the educators to participate. God Speed!

Karen "The Green Queen Teacher" :-)

Hi Karen, Thanks for your

Hi Karen,
Thanks for your comment. I will be looking forward to your questions and comments. Perhaps we will cross paths in September!!

Super Mom

I'm excited about your new adventure and I look forward to following you on your blog! It will be a grand experience. I will keep Dad company with phone calls! Perhaps, I'll even convience him to come down and visit me. Be safe and have fun!!!

OK son, I'll be safe!! And, I

OK son, I'll be safe!! And, I will have the adventure of a lifetime!

The ocean floor

How exciting! I look forward to following your adventure on this blog. As I read about the actual research you will be engaged in, it occurred to me how different it might be to study the ocean floor off the East Coast of North America... The effects of the Pacific Ocean's "Ring of Fire" must certainly result in a markedly different ocean bottom than that which lies a few hundred miles off the Maine coast. (I'm guessing, of course...) Perhaps in 2011, you could all head East and do the same thing off our rocky shores! Good luck, Jackie, from Karen in New Hampshire.

I will be glad to explore the

I will be glad to explore the East Coast ocean floor and the Mid Atlantic Ridge! It is a bit unsettled these days and perhaps I should wait for Iceland to quiet down. For now, the Juan de Fuca Plate is top on my list. Thanks for the comment!

Mrs. Kane

Mrs. Kane we just finished our quizzes and we miss you! None of us understand what is going on. But we are on this website, because we are so excited for you to go on this trip and we wanted to find out more about it! We hope the NASA trip is going well and is a ton of fun. Cannot wait to have you back on Monday :) you're the best! And you better be coming to prom!
Love Haleigh, Cassie and Julie

Ah, my wonderful cheering

Ah, my wonderful cheering squad!! Thanks for your comment and yes, the trip was super. Sorry to miss prom :( I need to see your pictures instead ok? I will tell you more about the JR soon. Keep visiting this site this summer ok?