Wilkes Land, the Documentary

Still having Wilkes Land withdrawls? Better get over it -- Juan de Fuca is just around the corner. Maybe this will help. ZceneMovingMedia has just posted the Wilkes Land Documentary to YouTube.  Need something to kick off a climate change discussion?  Want to show your friends, family, and students what an expedition is really like?  Try these: Wilkes Land Documentary Part One < and Part Two<.

We'll let you know when the DVD is ready for distribution!



Fantastic! The two U-tube

Fantastic! The two U-tube videos are amazing. Truly beautiful, exciting and clarifies why the world needs this work. -jkane

How Exciting

How very exciting to be heading out on this adventure! They couldn't have picked a better person. Good luck and stay safe during your travels.

Jeanine Alexander

Ok, no swimming with the

Ok, no swimming with the sharks. I am getting more excited by the minute!!