4 days of coring to go

 "Core on deck, core on deck" resounds over the loud speaker for one last week. We will be bringing core up about every hour and a half today. Our group has been assigned to run the scanning and paleomag machines.

Before the core comes up, an instrument is let down to take the bottom of the hole sediment temperature. We are coring near a seamount where water seems to be going down into the seamount. We should know something about this water by taking the temperature of the sediment as we drll. I can't wait to see the graph!!

When the core comes up everybody springs into action. There are some great videos< and pictures on the web, website, Youtube, and blogs showing this. The cores are slowing warming up to room temperature. Sediment expands when it is brought to the surface and warms up. Here you can see how it popped out of the core liner

A few days ago we said good bye to our last CORK. I got to help man one of the big wheels and then watch as it plunged slowly into the moon pool and out of site. Here's me, just before it goes down.


Mrs. Kane, I looked up Black

Mrs. Kane, I looked up Black Smokers and this is what I found, basically seawater circulates through the crust and overlying sediment and leaches ions and metals from the basalt at high temperatures. Then these mineral and nutrient rich materials are spewed out into the ocean depths. So after you find the results from this what is the graph going to be able to tell you?
Nicole Va

Great research Nicole! We

Great research Nicole! We want to know which way the water flows in the subseafloor and how fast it is going and where is is coming from. We have some ideas but we need evidence to back up our ideas. If we find that the temperature is colder than normal, it may mean that the water is going down there. Our chief co-scientists will be analyzing the data in the next several months! See you soon!
Mrs. Kane

Hi Mrs. Kane! I was wondering

Hi Mrs. Kane! I was wondering if there was anything interesting happening on the ship that we did not get to hear about on the skype session? We took our chapter 2 test today and it went pretty well.... I think! I hope you have a fantastic last few days on the ship and I can not wait to see you on Tuesday!
Emily Mc

There are billions of

There are billions of interesting things that happen each day. I continue to learn about all sorts of things: about the ship, about problem solving, about science, about people, about myself. Did you know that the French, Chinese and Japanese use different sounds for animals. Once I asked what sound a cow makes? a Dog? A horse? a pig? a rooster? We all broke out in laughter and amazement. There is this one instrument scientists use to take sediment temperature in the bottom of the hole. I have spent the last few days, peering over shoulders looking at the fascinating graphs of the temperature logger. I am trying to duplicate the graph with my own temperature probe in sediment. I have to carefully consider all variables that may affect my results and then adjust my model as needed. I have been running core samples through the paleomag machine today. It is able to measure the amount and direction of magnetism in the rocks. very cool, very magnetic!! Thanks for Writing Emily!
Mrs. Kane

Cute picture Mrs. Kane! We

Cute picture Mrs. Kane! We have a physics test tomorrow and I thought I would look catch up on your blog to take a break. We can't wait for your arrival next week!! Enjoy the last few days on the trip!
-Grace Kenney

Hi Grace, Thanks for writing

Hi Grace,
Thanks for writing and I wish you the best on our test tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you. We are winding down here. It will be hardest to leave people I have lived with for two months. ouch. But, I will take your advice and enjoy the last few days. As I write I can feel the gentle up and down motion of the swells, even in the next to bottom deck, which is the computer room, lovingly nicknamed the dudgeon. Mrs. Kane

Hi Mrs. Kane!! I can't wait

Hi Mrs. Kane!!
I can't wait for you to be back on Tuesday! I hope you are having an incredible time. Seeing you on skype was so exciting and it helped me to really understand exactly what you are doing there. there were some questions I had that i didn't have a chance to ask though. One was if the results from the core are showing that global warming how actually made a big impact? and if it is showing, how big of an impact has it made and do you know how long it will continue, or if it is only going to get worse?
well I hope you enjoy your last few days at sea! We all miss you and can't wait for you to come back!!
-Emily Fawcett

Hi Emily, Thanks for writing!

Hi Emily,
Thanks for writing! Global warming is a very complex issue. The research from the JR has helped make major breakthroughs in our understanding. Science consists of small stepping stones. Jr is part of it. I will enjoy the last few days with friends. I will miss them. I will miss the science. It will be good to be back with my SUA family! See you soon, Mrs. Kane

Mrs. Kane, what are you

Mrs. Kane, what are you trying to find out about the water by taking the temperature of the sediment, and what is the temperature of the sediment? Can't wait untill Tuesday when you are back in the classroom!
Nicole Va

Good questions Nicole! We are

Good questions Nicole! We are actually taking temperature of the water in the hole we drilled. Try searching "Black Smokers" . It is a fascinating subject!
See you soon! Mrs. Kane

hard hats

It's the hard hat you will miss the most right Jackie!?!? Can't believe your journey is almost over. I posted on my facebook page for everyone to "like" the JR so you can reach your goal. Hope it works! See you soon.

Tricia Howard

Wow, thanks, we only have 58

Wow, thanks, we only have 58 more to go!!! Thanks so much. The neat thing is that the website is active and will keep bringing interesting news in the future!
See you soon, jackie p.s. yes, I will miss my hard hat!!


The SUA site is down again, but I want you to know that my prayers and the rest of SUA are with you. I am so incredibly sorry about your father. I am at a loss, but I know you know that God's Grace and Love is with you as well as our love. While you are on the ocean you are not alone. hundreds of loving hearts are with you. You are loved-
peace in Christ,
Your friend,

Thank you so much for all

Thank you so much for all your prayer and support. My family and I are ok with the passing of Dad. It is just these emotions. They go up and down all day long!!