School of Rock: Waiting for the Arrival

 This is the site in Victoria, British Columbia, where in just a couple of hours the scientsits, educators, and crew of Expedition 327 will depart the ship after their 2 month adventure at sea. Though it is the ending of their expedition, much of the work they did out at sea is really just the beginning of a diversity of science explorations that will follow.

After a fairly quick turn-around the JR will depart on Expedition 328 with a small science crew to install a CORK (see Stephanie Keske's blogs for a picture) at the Cascadia Margin. Along with the scientists and ship staff will be 17 science educators and 5 instructors who will witness the installation process and conduct their own investigations to uncover the geology of the region. For these School of Rock 2010 participants, I hope this adventure will be a unique, eye-opening, challenging, and engaging experience that alters their appreciation of the important work that comes from core and CORK data. We will be sharing what we learn so stay tunned...



following along

Hi, Jen!

I am really looking forward to following along with my students. Hope you have a great time uncovering the science with the new SOR crew!

Heather Renyck

Hi Heather - So far it has

Hi Heather - So far it has been a blast! This is an amazing experience.